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“It is important to know how to
dialogue and, with discernment, to
use modern technologies and social
networks in such a way as to reveal
a presence that listens, converses
and encourages.
Allow yourselves,
without fear, to be this presence,
expressing your Christian identity
as you become citizens of this
environment. A Church that follows
this path learns how to walk with
There is an ancient rule
for pilgrims, which Saint Ignatius
adopts, and which is why I know it!
In one of his rules he says that the
person accompanying the pilgrim
must walk at his or her pace, not
going on ahead or falling behind. In
other words, I envisage a Church that
knows how to walk with men and
women along the path. The pilgrim’s
rule will help inspire us.”
Pope Francis
Address to participants at the Plenary
Assembly of the Pontifical Council for
Social Communications, 21 September 2013
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